Florence Plooma Holmes Stucki

Florence Plooma Holmes Stucki

Florence Plooma Holmes Stucki died January 8, 2022.  She lived on a farm in Colorado near the town of Dove Creek, but her story really began in Cortez, Colorado, where she was born June 28, 1921 to homesteaders Arthur Clarence Holmes and Bessie Florence Davison.  Her first home was a tent, where she lived for three months until her father finished building their house.

As the oldest child, she soon assumed responsibilities with both fields and cattle.  She left home for the first time when she began first grade.  At that time, she moved into Dove Creek to attend school, living with school teachers during the week and only coming home on weekends. As she grew older, she rode horseback or skis to a one-room country schoolhouse.

During World War II, her brother, Bill, contracted polio and was paralyzed from his neck down.  Her family sold the farm at that time and moved to Kingman, Arizona, but Florence traveled to Denver to help Bill.  Florence and Bill joined their family when he partially recovered, and she worked in the tool crib at the army air field.

At the end of the war, she found a job at a grocery store, where she met a man called Rocky Mountain, a truck driver who made deliveries to grocery stores throughout Arizona and Southern California.

Several years later, long after he was widowed, that truck driver asked Florence for a date.  She married Lazelle Stucki November 2, 1952 and moved to Santa Clara, Utah, a community that welcomed her with open arms. Lazelle’s children, ElRoy, Maureen, Deanna, and Warren, also welcomed the good food, warm heart, and fun times she brought into their home.  She and Lazelle had two more children, Von and Carla.

During those years, she resumed work she had enjoyed as a youngster, laboring on a farm, where she learned new skills of irrigating fields and packing tomatoes.  She also began working as a part-time clerk in the Santa Clara post office, a position she held for over thirty years.

In 1962, Florence surprised her family by announcing that she wanted to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She had already been serving in the Sunday-School nursery and in Primary, where she learned fundamental doctrine.  In total, she served thirty years as a nursery teacher, in addition to callings in Primary and Relief Society.  She treasured the friendships she made in that service.  She also worked at the temple and helped digitize church records.  She had a fervent testimony of our Savior, tithing, and visiting teaching.

When Lazelle retired, he and Florence began raising cattle.  How she loved spring roundups with Lazelle and the Gubler boys!  She also loved camping and fishing every summer in the mountains.

She was preceded in death by her parents; her siblings, Bill, Ladene, and Helen; and her dear son, ElRoy.  She is survived by the rest of her children.  Her first home was a tent, but her last home was The Retreat at Sunbrook, where the staff cared for her with respect and love. Her family will be forever grateful for their tender care.

A viewing will be on Friday, January 14, 2022, 9:30 – 10:30 am at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Santa Clara 1st Ward, 3040 Santa Clara Drive, Santa Clara, Utah.

Funeral services will be held Friday, January 14, 2022, 11:00 am at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Santa Clara 1st Ward, 3040 Santa Clara Drive, Santa Clara, Utah.

Family and friends that are unable to attend are invited to view the Funeral Service online by clicking on the link below. Then click on Sacrament meeting.


Interment will be in the Santa Clara City Cemetery, Ancestor Way, Santa Clara, UT.

Arrangements are made under the direction of Spilsbury Mortuary, 110 South Bluff Street, St. George, Utah. 435-673-2454. Family and friends are invited to sign Florence’s online guest book at www.spilsburymortuary.com



9:30 – 10:30 am

Second Visitation


11:00 am


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Santa Clara 1st Ward
3040 Santa Clara Drive
Santa Clara, Utah


12:00 pm
Santa Clara Cemetery
Ancestor Way

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  1. Florence was my “other” mother. I spent many hours in her home where she loved me and fed me delicious food and helped to shape my life. With the aid of her trusty nutcracker to keep the book propped open, she would wash dishes or crack nuts while reading. Somehow the dishes got clean and there were no shells in the nuts!

    Three memories stand out. Once, when Von was doing a science fair project, she helped him trap live mice along the creek. Then they brought them home right into the living room and several escaped and went under the piano. She wasn’t upset. I was amazed, but not as amazed as I was when She jumped on a chair in the living room when a snake was on T.V.

    Another memory also involved a snake. Carla and I had to work in the fruitstands and couldn’t go to girls camp with the other girls. Florence drove us to Pine Valley to join them after work. We had just entered the main campground área when she slammed on the brakes, jumped out of her car, and threw rocks at a huge rattlesnake that was sretched across the road. That took great courage for her, but she could have also killed it if she had just driven over it.

    I loved her laugh, which was infectious. We will all miss her.

  2. I remember we always went to her home on Halloween because she made the best caramel popcorn balls ever!! She was so sweet to us.

  3. I loved Florence from the first time she joined the family and I was so happy that Elroy, Maureen, Deanna and Warren finally had another loving mother in their home. She was a sweet, kind, loving lady who never shied away from hard work. She and my mom, Maggie Stucki (sisters-in-law) shared a close and loving relationship that lasted a lifetime. I loved her and was proud to call her my Aunt Florence!!

  4. Grandma was such a genuine and happy person. She always took time to be with us and supported us in so many ways.
    My dad adored her and felt very blessed to have her in his life. She came to his family at a time when he needed her the most.
    She gave her love to everyone she knew. I will always remember being able to spend a week for many summers with her and grandpa, Carla and Von. Something I looked forward to each time. I loved our camping trips and days at the farm. She was a hard worker and a good cook. She found joy in everything she did.
    Thanks Grandma for the many great memories. I love you!

  5. Florence was a very important part of Mom’s life, working with her at the Post Office and personally very supportive and loving. Florence was always kind and friendly. We extend our love and sympathy to her family.

  6. Condolences to the Stucki family, especially Von and Carla my neighborhood friends. Your mom treated me with such kindness. I’ve always treasured good memories with you. May you be blessed and comforted during this time.

  7. Oh how I love this sweet angel lady. She always had a smile on her face and was willing to do anything for anyone. My first calling in our church was to serve with Florence in Primary as a Sunbeam teacher. She loved those sweet little children and taught me so much about Christ’s love for little children. I am sure many Santa Clara kids remember her in their early years of Primary. I took my grandson Colt with me to visit her a few years back and her eyes lit up with everything he said or did. She loved people and especially children.
    One other thought, when Elwood’s mother Deane passed away, she always made sure he was doing ok and if he needed to be driven somewhere or groceries picked up, she was there to help him. Thank you Florence, for shaping my life with your example of kindness and Christlike love. Your light will shine on.

  8. Florence is a person I greatly admire. I knew her more than the three last years of her life. I live in the Retreat in an apartment only two doors down the hall from her apartment. I have been impressed by her beautiful personality. I love her very dearly. I learned lessons from her example. She was patient, kind, loving people, humble, grateful, and always smiling. I often thought that if the Savior were to come in the building the first person He would greet would have been Florence. Till we meet again dear friend!

  9. Sister Florence was a huge blessing to me when I married Clark and moved to Santa Clara. She loved my littles in the nursery and was the only reason they would go. If she was not there, they would not go in. She always was a bright light to everyone. I walk by her house and always think of her. She is an amazing lady. Love to her family ❣️

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