Cremation Services

Cremation Arrangements And Ceremonies

When cremation is chosen, death does not have to be devoid of a ceremony. Life-celebrating services offer “an opportunity to remember the person who died and [help] to affirm the value of the life that was lived” (Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Director of the Center for Loss & Life Transitions). As you remember and honor a loved one’s life or pre-arrange your own last rites through cremation, we are here to assist you. We are committed in our role to guide you through this extremely tender process, providing a variety of cremation packages to meet your needs. Packages range from full traditional funeral services and cremation to simple cremation options. Ask about additional personalization options.

Vital Statistics Information

  • Vital statistics are used to file the death certificate and cremation permit (both Utah state requirements).
  • Regardless of personal timelines, by Utah statutes, cremation cannot be performed by a crematory until all required permits are finalized by state officials.

Cremation Authorization

  • Permission must be obtained from a designated person or recognized next of kin to perform the cremation.

Selecting a Cremation Casket or Alternative Container

Our Mortuary requires the use of a non-metal casket or alternative container for cremation. As your loved one’s final resting place prior to cremation, it also provides dignity during the family viewing or public visitation. A variety of containers are available for your choice. Alternative containers provided by the family need to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be made of combustible materials suitable for cremation
  • Must close completely covering the body
  • Must be resistant to leakage
  • Must be sufficient for handling with ease and provide protection for the health and safety of crematory personnel

Cremation Packages

Gathering to share memories and celebrate the life of a loved one is an important step in the grieving process. Services can be as unique and remarkable as your loved one.

Traditional Funeral Service Followed By Cremation

  • The body is embalmed, casketed, and presented for a viewing/visitation. Afterward, a service to memorialize the decedent will take place. A cremation casket can be purchased or rented with a removable liner.

Celebration of life/Memorial Service

  • Family and friends gather to share memories of the deceased without the body present during a memorial service. This allows flexibility in event calendaring.
  • The service location can be wherever the family determines (i.e., a mortuary, church, community center, clubhouse, etc.).

Graveside Service Following Cremation

  • Includes a burial service for cremated remains at the cemetery, arrangements for opening and closing the grave, tent and chair set up, and a speaker system.
  • Purchase of a burial plot and an urn vault may be necessary. Each cemetery has its own requirements.

Direct/Simple Cremation

  • This package solely offers cremation.

Disposition of Cremated Remains

Inurnment: Placing Cremated Remains into an Urn

  • Decorative or temporary urns are available at our mortuary or by special order.
  • Families may provide their own container provided it has a lid.
  • Urn jewelry is available upon request and/or special order.

Entombment: Placing Cremated Remains in a Columbarium

  • Spilsbury Mortuary will assist you with arrangements.

Earth Burial: Burial of Cremated Remains in a Cemetery

  • Spilsbury Mortuary will assist you with arrangements.
  • For this option, there are certain criteria that need to be met.
  • Burials in inland waters are regulated according to the Clean Water Act. Inland water burials require a permit from the appropriate state agency.
  • Burials at sea are regulated by the EPA.
  • Spilsbury can assist you with proper arrangements.

Burial at Sea

  • Some cemeteries and/or churches have scattering gardens available for this type of disposition.
  • You may also scatter remains on private property, with the owner’s approval.
  • Consult state laws and ordinances pertaining to the scattering of cremated remains prior to scattering.
  • For scattering ceremonies held within a city or town limits, city/town ordinances and bylaws should be consulted.

Additional Services And Qualifications

  • Memorial programs
  • Register books
  • Scheduling of military honors
  • Filing insurance and VA benefits
  • Tribute videos
  • Ordering floral tributes
  • Arranging shipment of cremated remains
  • Ordering specialty items of remembrance
    • Keepsake, scattering, or decorative urns
    • Memorial jewelry

For graveside memorial or funeral services, depending on the location of the service, an audio or video recording is provided.

Spilsbury Mortuary is a proud member of the CANA (Cremation Association of North America.) NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association,) and UFDA (Utah Funeral Directors Association.) Our cremation technicians are certified, crematory operators.