Reginald Wayne Shute

Reginald Wayne Shute passed away peacefully on March 24, 2021. His remarkable life was filled with love for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and generous service to others.

Wayne was born April 25, 1933, to Reginald Albert Shute and Clara Irene Barge in Tuberose, Saskatchewan, Canada. He had one sister, Barbe (deceased). He spent his formative years in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, where at age 19 he was introduced to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was baptized on February 22, 1953.

He married Lorna Claire Hart on August 3, 1959, in the Logan, Utah Temple. They have nine children: Christian, Jonathan, Nancy, Leslie, Gordon, Marianne, Jennifer, Sara, and Kimball.

After 51 years of marriage, his loving companion, Lorna, passed away on January 14, 2011. The following year, Wayne met Rhea Mae Rosvall, and they were married on August 15, 2012.  After Rhea’s death in April 2016, Wayne was blessed to meet Donna Kay Orton, and they were married on March 20, 2018.

Wayne received a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University (1955), a master’s degree in Educational Administration also from BYU (1959), and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Southern California (1964).

Professionally, Wayne’s career was focused on teaching and education. He worked for the Department of Continuing Education at BYU (1964 – 1968) and was the Vice President/Dean of Students at The Church College of Hawaii in Laie (1972 – 1974), now BYU – Hawaii. He returned to BYU – Provo in 1974 where he taught in the Department of Educational Leadership and directed the Intern Doctoral Program for nearly 25 years. He has kept in close touch with many of his doctoral students, who have become dear friends. He spent some of these years as a visiting professor in England and Wales. He retired in 1997.

Wayne loved the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and devoted his life to service in the Church. He had all respect and admiration for modern-day Prophets and Apostles and welcomed every call to serve. He was first called as a young missionary to Samoa (1955 – 1958), later as the Mission President of the Apia, Samoa Mission (1968-1971), and again as the Temple President of the Apia, Samoa Temple (1997 – 2000). He made vital contributions to the growth of the Church in Samoa. Wayne and Donna were saddened when their current mission call to Kona Hawaii was canceled due to COVID-19. Wayne has stayed dear friends with his missionaries and the people he served.

Wayne also served as a Regional Representative, as well as on the Church Correlation Committee for many years. He was actively involved in Family History Work and served as a Sealer in St. George, Utah Temple. With Lorna, Wayne served additional missions for the Church: Humanitarian Director of Welfare Services in Yerevan, Armenia (2003 – 2005), and Member and Leader Support missions in Singapore (2007 – 2009) and in Athens, Greece (2010). With his wife, Rhea, Wayne served in the Brisbane, Australia Mission (2014 – 2015).

Wayne spent much of his time reading, authoring many books, giving lectures, and leading study groups. He was also involved in many humanitarian projects. Most recently, he helped raise money and organize the reconstruction of a small primary school in Fiji. His life of faithfulness and wholehearted service has had a far-reaching impact all over the world.

Wayne is survived by his wife, Donna Orton Shute, his 9 children, 41 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren, one stepson, Gregory Lind, and two step-grandchildren.

Wayne’s funeral service, a celebration of his remarkable life, will be held on Friday, April 2, 2021, in the Sunset Stake Center at 82 North Dixie Drive, St. George, UT. Friends are invited to come and greet family members from 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. The funeral service will begin at 11:00 a.m. followed by a graveside dedication at 1:00 p.m. at the Tonaquint Cemetery.

We warmly invite you to attend the funeral service. All those who wish to attend must RSVP using the link below. In consideration of COVID-19, in-person attendance is limited.
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The funeral service will be broadcast live online. To view, use the following link:

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Arrangements are made under the direction of Spilsbury Mortuary, 110 S. Bluff St., St. George, Utah, (435) 673-2454. Friends and family are invited to sign Reginald’s online guestbook at





9:30 – 10:30 am

Second Visitation


11:00 am


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Stonebridge Ward)
82 North Dixie Drive, St. George, Utah


1:00 pm
Tonaquint Cemetery
1777 S Dixie Dr, St. George, UT 84770

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  1. Peresitene Shute,
    Faafetai tele lava mo au galuega lele ma lou tautua i le galuega a le Tama Faalelagi ae maise mo tagata Samoa. Thank you for your service to our Heavenly Father and especially for your service to our Samoan people. We love you and will remember you always for your loto alofa.
    Alofa tele mo oe ma ia manuia lau malaga.
    Salamasina Ioane Lee

  2. Wayne and I both chose to become LDS, since we met, loved and married women of the faith. We also became church leaders, all of which benefitted us greatly. Wayne was well respected, &, while Mission Pres in Samoa, provided me the pleasure of a visit and tour, which was an education and an inspiration, never to be forgotten….Neither of us was tolerant of lazy, deceptive or coarse people. Also, We both liked good cars. I envied some of his choices but he often gave me a ride in a luxury mobile with its beauty and power. Above all, we shared deep convictions regarding the Restored Gospel of Christ, our willingness to serve Him, and to testify of Him ! May his memory and his posterity be blessed.

  3. Wayne was a dear friend for over 15 years here in St. George. He was one of the greatest men that we ever knew and loved and respected him dearly. We loved our special times together, whether sitting and talking about gospel principles, dinners together and our special time together in our home to watch General Conference together twice a year. Wayne was always good for fabulous insigts into gospel topics and always willing to share personal stories over the years. Our sincere love to Donna at this time as we all certainly will miss these special memories that we shared together.

  4. Wayne served the Samoa people where my grandfather served in 1902 to 1905! I have all of my grand father’s journals that he keep while in that mission! I became very close to many Samoa people in SL when I was Administration Manager for Utah Recycling! They were great recyclers and one day gave me a book of the Samoa people that had my Grandfather’s picture and testimony in it! Wayne and Lorna were neighbors in Silver Creek! I’m fact my great friends Dava Arunachalsm and her daughter Meenal Rhea from India live in there home In Silver Creek here in St. George! I have the privilege to taking them to church and help them with other places they need to go! Wayne and I shared many thing about Samoa! He was well versed in Gospel Principles! I also worked in sealings before the temple closed and saw he and his present wife as they did many sealings ! Choice memories of a great man of God!
    Roene (Ro) Wilkinson

  5. When I was a young missionary in Samoa, Elder Wayne Shute— who was then a regional mission representative — visited our mission in Samoa. The mission organized a conference for missionaries away from Pesega (the church headquarters) some miles out in a small village, Fasitootai, near where I was serving. In the conference, Elder Shute gave a very inspiring talk about President Kimball’s encouragement to “lengthen our stride.”
    Although President Shute had been my scoutmaster in our home ward, I was in awe of his General Authority type status that brought him to this meeting and was somewhat afraid to approach him. And of course his completed service as mission president prior to my arrival in Samoa was legendary. After his talk, President Shute saw me among the other missionaries, walked up to me, and put his arm around me.
    It was such a simple gesture, but it touched me deeply. I realized that during the year I had been out on my mission no one had touched me in a kind way, since physical contact with missionaries is discouraged. I had also had not seen anyone in Samoa who had known me in my pre-mission life. His kindness in recognizing me and in approaching me meant the world.
    Wayne Shute always had a way of helping to encourage others to believe in themselves and to become better people. Whenever I saw him after my mission, he would greet me in beautiful, formal Samoan language. He acted and spoke like a true Samoan chief.
    I will always remember him fondly.

    Paul Alan Cox
    Samoa Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1973-1974

    1. Thank you, Paul. Just texted Hillary recently. She and my daughters Olivia and Darcie lunched incelebration of Hillary’s birthday. My girls were very impressed with Hillary’s remodel .

  6. Wayne was such a dear friend and he will be missed by Jerry and me. He was a fabulous teacher with a wealth of information for his students. I will miss his study groups and his encouragement to feast on the scriptures. We pray for comfort and peace for his dear family.

  7. Wayne , You helped us to feel closer to our Savior: We thank you with all our heart!🙏😇❤️ A great neighbor and dear friend! , Jack and Marlene Jones!😇

  8. I was so saddened to learn of Wayne’s passing. He was a true friend, mentor and fellow temple
    sealer. He was my chairman in the Intern doctoral program at BYU. I don’t think I would have received my EDd without his kind encouragement and help! I always admired his energy, enthusiasm, love of people and love of life. He will be sorely missed. He was such a role model and example to so many.

  9. As an only child and a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I love the doctrine that members are brothers and sisters. Wayne is certainly a dear friend and a special brother. I am so pleased that he considered me likewise as his only sibling is a sister. It is my prayer that we will one day connect again in the next world. We have been close friends for many years from the time we were single in the BYU 19th Student Ward. We both had callings in the Sunday School. He was the Teacher Trainer and I taught a Sunday School class. Later after we were both married with children, we worked together at BYU in the Department of Continuing Education for about 5 years, which included Evening School, Home Study, Ed Weeks, and other areas of Adult Education.
    Over the years, no matter what the role he served in, he was extremely competent. But mostly he was my dear brother who, while I’ve been through a difficult few months of illness, has called me daily asking about my welfare. I only wish I could have performed the same loving service for him that he did for me. I love you Wayne.

  10. The Shute and Poulos families often spent Thanksgiving with each other since neither of us had an extended family that we could regularly join for that event. We’ve even had a Thanksgiving dinner without Wayne and Lorna in Las Vegas with “Beanie” & Ray and as many Shutes as could be rounded up. Without doing some detective work, to know which mission they were on, Wayne and Lorna were living somewhere in the world serving the Lord.
    Chris and I remembered a time when Wayne and Lorna hosted the famous comedian Bob Newhart at their Edgemont home. He had performed at BYU and somehow was their guest with several others for dinner after his performance. Did Wayne and Chris Poulos “cook” up this thing? Chris claims old age prevents any details he can recall. The fancy raspberry jello salad Lorna assigned me to make continues to be a Poulos favorite.
    Even when the Shutes moved from Provo to Elk Ridge, we managed to keep the families fairly tight.
    I don’t know how it started but Wayne had this sort of nickname for me. Whenever he called and I answered the phone, there was only one person in the world who would say, “Gail Babeee!” I realize from all these responses I should be saying something serious and “ode worthy” , but I wanted to make sure Wayne’s humorous side was cited a bit. When Wayne and Rhea traveled up here to Orem, we always had a silly greeting waiting for them on their bedroom wall message board. They also left something equally humorous in return. They might read something from us like:
    There once was a fellow named Shute
    Whose wife we all know is quite cute
    If Wayne brings her along, he can never go wrong
    ’cause without her he might get the boot.
    Bless you Donna for being such a good sport about these Poulos friends of Wayne’s. We are going to miss him so very much. You are in our prayers.

  11. We have loved every minute that we have spent with the Shute family! it was an honor to be his bishop for a few years. Wayne taught us more than we can even begin to express! We love you!

  12. Wayne took friendship seriously. He was not only a close friend, but a True Friend. His knowledge on so many different subjects was aw inspiring and he freely shared this vast knowledge with those who showed an interest. He will be deeply missed by we who are left behind…but what a celebration in Paradise. I’m sure Wayne took a few minutes to get aquatinted with his new surroundings and then went straight to work as a mission leader to the folks who are trying to progress on the other side of the veil. We love his sweet wife Donna and look forward to continuing that bond of friendship well into the future.

  13. My wife, Julie Rhodes, and I made St. George our home after our release from our mission to the Honduras Comayaguela Mission in 2006. I met Wayne while jogging one day on the trail along side Silver Creek. He was going in one direction and I was just finishing from the opposite direction. For some reason we both stopped and began to chat. That started our long friendship of 15 years. What an outstanding friend and church member. So firm in his belief and service. So talented in his abilities to instruct and guide. So friendly to all. And what an asset to the Spirit World. Wayne, I will miss our talks.

  14. Wayne was a dear friend and fellow missionary to my late husband, James Winegar. They loved their missions and had kept in contact all these years. Wayne was such a great influence in Jim’s life and together they did many things for the Samoan Mission Reunions and other endeavors. Wayne will be missed greatly.

  15. Wayne had been a special friend to us these past 5 years or so. We enjoyed his lectures and subsequent visits to our home. We shared some wonderful tones together and we learned so much from Wayne by his words, books and papers, but mostly by his Christlike example.

    Wayne offered then came to prune our fruit orchard 2 years ago and I was astounded at this precious friend who would serve us in this way! I shall never forget his phone calls that always seemed to come when I needed lifting up. Wayne performed sealings for many of my family members. Precious memories for me!

    I love he and Donna so! We were shocked to learn of his passing the day after his services, and so regret not being able to be there to pay tribute to our beloved friend.

    We are so grateful to have known Wayne here and look forward to an eternal friendship. May God bless his sweet Donna and all of his family. Until we meet again dear Wayne. We love and miss you. Janie & Bob Hawley

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