Ralph Lewis Clark

Ralph Clark, 47, passed away Thursday, February 11, 2021. He was born December 10, 1973, in Lynnwood California, to parents James and Catherine Clark.

Ralph was born, raised, and graduated in California. He later moved to Utah in 2003 with his then wife Torrey Morrison. Later meeting his current wife Heather Sheppick Clark, whom he loved and adored till his last breath.

Ralph had a heart of gold. He dedicated years of his life turning his past life experiences into positively impacting anyone he came in contact with, or anyone that needed help. His heart was so big and pure that he would and has given the shirt off his back for anyone in need. He continued impacting lives working at Steps Recovery, where he used his past experiences to help people who struggled on similar battles. Steps Recovery also introduced him to his love for Sober softball and riding his dirt bikes.

He is survived by his wife Heather S. Clark, Harper Sheppick (Daughter), Austin Clark(son), Maddison Clark (daughter),  Elizabeth (daughter), Kyle Shnyder (son), Gary Shnyder (son),  Michael and Danny Clark (brothers), Martha Small (sister), Ann Clark Powers (sister), Connie Sierra (sister).

Ralph was proceeded in death by his parents James and Catherine Clark, and mother-in-law  Lisa Kesner.

Ralph’s Celebration of Life will be held Monday, February 15, 2021, 1:00 pm at Spilsbury Mortuary Chapel. Family and friends are invited to view the memorial service online, please log in  to webcast.funeralrecording.com. Type in the event number 48136 and password RLC2021.

Arrangements are made under the direction of Spilsbury Mortuary, 110 S. Bluff St., St. George, Utah. Friends and family are invited to sign his online guestbook at www.spilsburymortuary.com.



Second Visitation


1:00 pm


Spilsbury Mortuary Chapel
110 S. Bluff
St. George, UT


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22 Responses

  1. Ralph, by far the most funny dude. He was always making the most hilarious jokes and shining everyone’s day. He will be dearly missed by his family and all others who have ever crossed his path. I know he always put a smile on my face and made me laugh 24/7 he was always a silly dude. Well all miss you lots and lots and hope you’re watching over us all up there 💘

  2. Ralph may you rest in paradise. Please watch over Heather and Harper in heaven as you did here on earth. You will be very missed.

  3. With Love from Eddise Sorensen (Rest In Peace), Jen Pfau, and Joanne Phillips. The good lord has his hands full with our group!!

  4. We loved having Ralph at The Tiled Kiln! Whether he was with the steps recovery crew or bringing his grandkids in. He was an amazing artist and a joy to be around. The news of his passing is so very sad. Thanks for being a bright spot in our shop the last few years!

  5. Ralph my man. You have always been the dudes dude. Always available. Always cool. Spicy. But always cool. Loved interacting with you bro. Was always cool. Your life. An inspiration. Thanks for what you have done to leave earth Better than you found it. Much love brother. Rest in the presence of Jesus Christ. Always your hero !! And mine. Love !

  6. Big Ralph, your heart and soul touched so many lives. I am blessed and graced to have had the privilege of knowing you. God Speed my gentle friend.

  7. Ralph, always a smile on your face!! And the biggest heart of gold. Fly high with the angels brother!! Watch over harper and heather. we love you and will miss you brother!!!! gone but never forgotten!!!❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Ralph definitely will not be forgotten. I’ve known him for some time now and I love that I had the opportunity to watch him change his life and grow into the human he was before he passed. He will always be so very special.

  9. My little brother was an amazing man. He came a long way in life to be the man he was today. I love you brother and I will miss u daily. Rest In Paradise.

  10. Ralph my friend-

    I remember when your sweet wife Heather asked me to give the toast at your wedding. I only knew you both for a short time but gleefully accepted. I would like to give it again as close as I can remember, if I may, as a tribute to your life.
    Ding…Ding!!…Ding!!! (clinking of fork on glass)
    “Even though I have known you both a short time, one of my forte’s and talents God has gifted me with is the ability to read people very quickly.”

    “Ralph!- I can see that you are an honorable man with a huge heart for the people you love and humankind in general. You are a caretaker for those who are troubled around you and are in need of kindness.”
    “Heather!- You are such a special person who lights up the world with your gift of friendship and gab. People flock to your sense of humor and abilities to touch hearts so quickly.”
    “I can see that you both bring something warm to the world and to those who will be lucky enough to have you in their lives, even if for a short time.” “One thing is for certain, I feel that Ralph will always have you on his mind Heather, and do his best to make you happy.” “I see that Heather will always have your back and be your biggest cheerleader Ralph, and also be there to help keep you inline whether you want her to or not…lol! You both have a beautiful beginning and a beautiful family. I know that God is with you and happy for you both on this special day.

    “To everyone… please raise your glass (champagne)!



  11. Ralph , You impacted so many peoples lives and imprinted so many broken souls with your selflessness ,Showing others away out of the darkness as you stumbled along your path to learn how to walk into the light Out of your own darkness,Watching your world change as the days months and years went bye as you tried to be the person That would be able to live outside of the cell walls and you made it. You found what true love was in the woman that walked by your side and became each other’s soulmates and you became this grand father figure to Harper,Capable of now stepping up to be a part of your other children’s lives as well ,Changing their world in ways that they had never seen you before but I always knew that was inside of you.
    Your laughter lit up a room along with your smile and you were solid to the people that you loved and cared about and humbled yourself so often to help Others that you didn’t even know.
    There Are no words or enough thank you’s for all the times that you were there for my daughter through the good the bad the ugly and in some of her darkest moments you were like the uncle that she never had .You will truly be missed ,So many hearts are aching and have a huge void Presence R.I.P My friend …..catch me outside how about that !

  12. Ralph was someone so special to me, and held such a special place in my heart. There was a reason why we met, we just connected on such a deep level. I hope my son Chris was waiting there in heaven when he arrived, now I have two boys in heaven.
    Love you, Heather and Harper

  13. Ralph is good man I feel bad that i couldn’t properly show my respect we grew up down the street from each other and met at Crossover which was just unlikely. I’m glad I got to meet a real individual . He is solid man you’ll be missed brother and condolences to family and friends of Ralph. God Bless and rest your soul.

  14. Ralph your good solid man and will missed it was pleasure getting to know you brother my condolences to family and friends of Ralph. God Bless and rest your

    1. Ralph we’re coming up on a month this Thursday. We all miss you so much. I know your gone just not wanting to except it. You have definitely filled many 💕’s and impacted many lives.
      Love u bro.
      To all that have spoke on behalf of Ralph and are still helping Heather out its very much appreciated

  15. You have our deepest sympathy and condolences. You have been through a tough time this year losing both Ralph and your mom. We wish you peace and love. Uncle Kevin, Sherryl & Sheridan along with the rest of the Sheppick family.

  16. This is my uncle Ralph he was amazing and a awesome guy he loved everyone and we loved him i wish i could have spent more time with him but i know he is looking down on all of us i love you uncle Ralph and i miss you may you rest in peace
    Love always

  17. Welly dear friend you are now with your beloved mother , how over joyed sheust have been to hold you in her arms once more . I’m sure you two will have lots to talk about . You were forever loved here on earth now it’s her turn to have you . You will forever be missed but never forgotten . Go with God and fly with the angels .
    I’ve known you sense the day you were born , I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there to say my goodbye’s but know I will always think of you often and with a smile .
    Rest in Peace ❤️🙏

  18. I still cant wrap my head around all this. Ralphie– I love you so much, you know this already. You were always such a good friend to me and always had my back, from day 1. I am so sad and you will not EVER be forgotten and you will be missed everyday. I love you.

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