Spilsbury’s Commitment To Honoring Life

Honoring your loved one’s achievements and celebrating the life you shared together are the cornerstones of healing after loss. You knew your loved one better than anyone. Together, we will design the perfect service for you. Our funeral and memorial service options are listed below.

Burial/Funeral and Memorial Services

Building relationships and sharing memories are a vital part of life. A commemorative event is an excellent way to celebrate choices, relationships, and memories of your loved one. We will help you visualize what is meaningful to you. While many families find great value in following past traditions, some choose to honor life with more unique reflections.

Funeral Service Options

A funeral can be customized by itemizing services that meet the specific needs of families. We offer a variety of funeral and memorial packages. Funeral packages include the individual services needed for a traditional/adaptive funeral, while memorial packages include fees for cremation instead of preparation of the decedent.

Funeral Service Packages

Your funeral service package can include the following:

Planning and Coordination

  • Basic services of our funeral director and staff
  • Arrangement conference
  • Completing required paperwork and filing of documents
  • Compassionate care of family
  • Embalming
  • Other body preparation
  • Dressing, cosmetology, restoration, and casketing
  • Sheltering of remains


  • Transfer of remains to our funeral home (within a 50-mile radius)
  • Funeral coach
  • Utility/floral vehicle


  • Private family visitation
  • Evening and daytime visitation at Spilsbury Mortuary and/or another facility
  • Funeral service in our mortuary’s chapel or another church/facility
  • Committal service at cemetery or mausoleum


Honoring the life of your loved one shows that you value the relationship you shared. We are here to assist you in celebrating that bond and honoring the unique individual you have lost. Together we will create a fitting and memorable event.

Tribute DVDs

Family photographs can be skillfully blended with music to create an elegantly emotive video. Videos are often an integral part of funeral or memorial services. After the ceremony, the DVD is sure to become a treasured family keepsake. Copies can be made as gifts for family and friends.

Memorial Websites

The traditional newspaper obituary is quickly being replaced by the memorial website. Our sites connect family and friends in honoring your loved one.

Personalized Printing

We design and print memorial bookmarks, service programs, prayer cards, and folders that can include a favorite photo, poem, or personal tribute to your loved one. These keepsakes will be treasured by your guests.

Live Funeral Webcasting

Webcasting allows everyone you love to attend your loved one’s service. Webcasts are viewed live on the Internet, archived for delayed viewing, and can be downloaded to a DVD for a permanent keepsake. Copies can be made for family and friends.

Traditional Funeral Service

Your loved one will be casketed and presented for a visitation/viewing. This allows family and friends to pay their respects and share memories. Services then will be held at the mortuary’s chapel, a church, or at another designated location by the family. Traditional services will often follow denominational guidelines. Clergy may be involved and will often officiate the services. We serve all denominations and are familiar with various religious and cultural traditions.

Adaptive Funeral Service

An adaptive service is a relatively new industry term. They can include the same ceremonies as a traditional service. However, adaptive services may or may not follow religious and cultural traditions. Many cultures also may be part of the life-celebrating services. The result is a service as unique as the individual.*

*If you are considering a service that does not follow the guidelines of a denomination, please inquire with local clergy as to whether this type of service is permitted in the church chapel.

Graveside Service

Funeral services can be held at the gravesite. Visitations or viewings can be held prior to the Graveside service.

Memorial Service

A ceremony or memorial service can be held without the presence of the deceased. Visitations may be held prior to the memorial service in our chapel, a church, or at another location of the family’s choosing. A memorial service is a loving way to remember your loved one who has chosen to be cremated or previously interred out of town.

Disposition Options For Casketed Remains

  • Earth Burial:
    • Available for casketed or cremated remains
    • Cemetery costs are in addition to mortuary charges
    • An outer burial container may be required depending on cemetery requirements
  • Burial at Sea:
    • This type of disposition is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency
    • The preparation of remains must be in accordance with accepted practices deemed appropriate by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, or civil authority charged with the responsibility for making such arrangements
  • Entombment:
    • Mausoleum: Above-ground entombment for casket remains
    • Columbarium: Above-ground entombment for cremated remains
  • Anatomical Gift/Body Donation:
    • Individuals may bequest their remains to the Body Donor Program. Their anatomic gift will be used to train health care professionals. It provides access to vital anatomic material needed by scientists pursuing remedies for a wide range of human maladies.
    • Spilsbury Mortuary works in conjunction with the University of Utah’s School of Medicine, its Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy. We can assist you with arrangements.